2023 Kitchen Cabinet Trends


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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and arguably the room that gets the most use from the family. Since so much time is spent there, it’s one of the top candidates for a home renovation. If you’re looking to update your kitchen this year, take note of the 2023 cabinet trends:

Dark Wood Tones

Kitchen trends this year will skew more towards the traditional. Wood-toned cabinets will make a comeback in 2023, offering an alternative from the widely popular all-white kitchen. From natural wood hues all the way to deep, rich stains, these cabinet colors will add a warmth to the kitchen.

Unique Hardware

Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls have always been available in unique shapes, patterns, and colors. This year, kitchen designers are embracing the uniqueness of this hardware to add personality to the kitchen. Glass knobs and pulls make a kitchen appear elegant while geometric shapes (think half-moons, hexagons, or beveled shapes) add a layer of interest to the cabinets.

Embellished Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets have been popular for the past several years, but in 2023 embellishments will take them to a new level. This includes stained glass sections, leaded glass, and intricate grille designs. These features offer the perfect blend of traditional glasswork with modern cabinetry.

Bold Colors

For those who want to make a statement with their kitchen, bold cabinetry can do just that. Bright colors are on trend in 2023, ranging from classics like blue and green to showstoppers like yellow, orange, or red. If you’re not ready to go all-out with the color, try colored cabinets for a smaller section of your kitchen, like an island or bar area.

Slim Profile Styles

Flat panel cabinets and Shaker cabinets with thin borders will offer a traditional look for any kitchen in 2023. This pared down cabinet style has a more refined look as compared to cabinets with deep, intricate designs. With decorative hardware these cabinets can stand out or with recessed finger pulls they can blend in seamlessly with the kitchen.

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