Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Kitchen Remodeling

When the summer beach season starts winding down, homeowners, rental property owners, property managers and landlords start thinking of remodeling projects that will improve the property for the shoulder seasons and next year. One of the best rental property upgrades is kitchen remodeling. Not only does a new kitchen wow renters, it’s one of the few property enhancements that gives a good return on investment!

At Myrtle Beach Cabinets, we provide design and install services for cabinets everywhere in the home, and as a long-standing Myrtle Beach company, we know and understand the rental market. Property owners want cabinets that look great and are affordable, and will also stand up to the rigors of weekly rental turnovers.  From a simple cabinet makeover, to a full kitchen transformation, we can help with design and installation.  And, if there’s an element we can’t handle, we have great relationships with local contractors and home improvement pros.

Don’t let another year go by with an aging kitchen — remodel your kitchen (and bathroom) cabinets and countertops and turn your Myrtle Beach vacation rental property into a showpiece that looks great, and functions even better!

Contact us today: (843) 839-5633 for a no-obligation estimate for your kitchen or bathroom remodel project.

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