Cabinet Trends for 2024


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Planning a kitchen remodel this year? One of the most impactful features of a kitchen remodel is the cabinetry. Not only can new cabinets achieve a new look, but you can also increase the functionality of your kitchen. It’s a big decision and knowing what is trending in the world of kitchen cabinets can help make your planning a little easier. Consider these 2024 kitchen cabinet trends from the National Kitchen and Bath Association and your home will be looking on point for years to come.

Wood Grains
Wood grain cabinets are making a comeback in 2024. The texture and organic look of wood cabinets adds character and warmth to a kitchen, a contrast from the all-white look that has been popular for the past several years. Lighter wood tones such as bleached-out natural wood or white oak with a light or natural tone will keep your kitchen looking bright and modern.

Nature-Inspired Colors
Shades of green will be taking over kitchens cabinets this year, from sage to olive to forest green. Following other kitchen trends (tile, flooring, etc.), earthy tones of red and terracotta have also made their way into cabinet colors. These colors are often used for bottom cabinetry or accent cabinets rather than the whole kitchen.

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Islands
Kitchen islands will remain top priority for many kitchen remodels. Islands will increase in size so that they can be maximized for meal prep, eating, and general gathering of people. This increase in size allows for more cabinetry that can be used to organize and store kitchen essentials.

Appliance Stations
Say goodbye to mixers, toaster ovens, and blenders taking up space on the counter: appliance stations (also known as appliance garages) will be their new home in 2024. Cabinets with folding or sliding doors and pull-out shelves make it easy to access appliances without having them on display for all to see.

Beverage Center
Whether you prefer your beverage center to serve coffee, smoothies, wine, or cocktails, having a space dedicated to your favorite drinks will make preparing them that much easier. Beverage centers have cabinetry to hold glasses, utensils, and supplies, and often have a fridge and/or freezer to keep food items cold.

Gold Hardware
Matte, brushed, and satin gold finishes will be go-to choices for homeowners when it comes to cabinetry hardware. While stainless steel is a close second, gold hardware is the way to go if you are looking for a sleek and modern look in your kitchen.

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