Custom Bathroom Cabinets: A Solid Choice


Myrtle Beach Cabinets

When homeowners think about a bathroom remodel, many find themselves headed to a big box home improvement store to consider prefabricated vanities. But that doesn’t have to be the only option! If you have a bathroom renovation coming up, think outside the (big) box when it comes to cabinetry. Here’s why:

You’ll get the perfect fit for your space.
Custom-designed cabinets allow you to optimize storage space in your bathroom. Small bathrooms can benefit by utilizing every inch available to maximize storage rather than being limited by off-the-shelf vanity sizes. In large bathrooms, custom cabinets can help to ensure that the space doesn’t seem empty and can be used to create specialized sections, like a built-in linen closet or make-up counter with ample storage. Whatever size bathroom you have, customized bathroom cabinets can help make your bathroom more functional.

You can choose the style you want.
Rather than limiting yourself to the selection of vanities available in a big box store, consider custom bathroom cabinets that allow you to showcase your style. You can choose the style of doors, color, hardware, and cabinet layout to make the space your own. Whatever look you are going for in your bathroom—minimalistic, traditional, rustic, etc.—you can find the perfect custom bathroom cabinet to match your vision.

Custom cabinets are more durable.
Another benefit of installing custom cabinets in a bathroom is that they are often more durable than on-the-shelf options. Since bathrooms are subject to water damage, using cabinets that can withstand moisture is especially important. When you work with a dedicated cabinet professional, they can help you choose the cabinets that are best suited for a bathroom.

You’ll get a great return on your investment.
Bathroom remodels are known for their return on investment, and you can make your project even more worthwhile by using quality custom cabinets. Since custom cabinets are more durable, they will maintain their look and functionality, which can help you garner top dollar should you sell your home.

To learn more about cabinet options for your upcoming bathroom remodel, contact Myrtle Beach Cabinets at (843) 273-6413 or online. Our cabinet experts can help you select the perfect cabinets for your bathroom, whether a small powder room or a large ensuite bathroom. We look forward to hearing from you!