Five Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas


Myrtle Beach Cabinets

Laundry: it’s the chore we all love to hate. While your piles of dirty clothes may never bring a smile to your face, you can design a beautiful and functional laundry room that will. Cabinets are an integral component of a laundry room renovation and can be utilized in many different ways.

  1. To Store Cleaning Supplies. With laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain sprays, and dryer sheets, the laundry room can quickly become cluttered. Tidy up your space by placing these and other cleaning supplies in cabinets. Not only can cabinets keep your laundry room organized, but they can also be used to store these cleaning supplies safely away from children.
  2. To Hide The Washer and Dryer. Just as a refrigerator can be hidden behind cabinet doors, so can a washer and dryer. Cabinets can be used to enclose side by side or stacked laundry machines and can quickly transform the space from a simple utility room to a gorgeous workspace.
  3. To Provide Extra Storage. When outfitted with cabinets, the laundry room can add a significant amount of storage to your home. In addition to housing laundry items, like ironing boards, drying racks, a sewing kit, hampers, and baskets, the extra cabinet space can be used to store overflow items for your home (think paper towels, vases, trash bags, etc.). Tall cabinets can also be used to house a broom, mop, or a vacuum.
  4. To Reflect Light. You can up your laundry room’s style factor by adding glass-front cabinets. Not only do these cabinets provide a unique, stylish look, but they also reflect light, making the laundry room seem bigger and brighter.
  1. To Surround Your Utility Sink. Many laundry rooms have a utility sink alongside the washer and dryer, and often the sink is not much to look at. Elevate your utility sink by installing a cabinet around it. Your laundry room will look instantly more polished, plus you’ll gain even more storage space.

 Adding cabinets to your laundry room is a simple upgrade that can completely transform your space. The experts at Myrtle Beach Cabinets can help you choose what cabinets are best to meet your needs and your style so that spending time in the laundry room seems less like a chore. To learn more about our laundry room cabinet options, contact us today at (843) 273-6116.