How to Add Bold Cabinet Colors to Your Home


Myrtle Beach Cabinets

Colorful cabinets have become popular over the past few years and remain a top style choice among home remodelers. Greens, blues, and yellows of all shades are common cabinet options, but other bold colors like lilac, red, or even pink can also make your house shine. If you want to add a little color to your cabinets, keep these tips in mind to make your home look like a million dollars.

  • Balance with neutrals. Too much color in any space can be overwhelming, so balance your bold cabinets with neutral colors on your countertop, floors, appliances, etc. Neutral furniture and accessories are also an excellent way to balance out bold cabinets. Whites, grays, and beige colors are great options for offsetting colorful cabinets and making your room seem harmonious.
  • Make use of natural light. Consider the amount of natural light your room receives when planning for bold colors. Natural light sources can help show cabinets’ true colors, whereas overhead lighting can cause the colors to look darker or more muted than expected. Consider expanding a window or installing a skylight if your room lacks natural light.
  • Add accent lighting. If altering your windows isn’t an option, install accent lighting around your cabinets. Lights can be placed under upper cabinets or inside glass door cabinets to showcase items inside. Additionally, you can add lamps, sconces, or pendant lights to balance out the colors and make the room feel warm and inviting.
  • Go two-tone. Not ready to take the plunge with a room full of colored cabinets? You can take a two-tone approach and install upper cabinets in one color and lower cabinets in another. Another option is to add bold cabinets to a kitchen island to make it a statement piece. If using two-tone cabinets, it’s recommended to use darker colors for lower cabinets and lighter shades for upper cabinets so the room feels light and airy.

Myrtle Beach Cabinets carries a large selection of cabinets in all styles and all colors! Our design experts can help you incorporate bold-colored cabinets into your next home remodel to achieve a balanced and stylish look. To learn more about working with Myrtle Beach Cabinets, call us at (843) 273-6413 or contact us online.