Increase Your Home Office Productivity with the Right Cabinets


Myrtle Beach Cabinets

Working from home is great, but it can sometimes be hard to get organized and stay on track. The right office set-up can help you be more productive as you work remotely. Home office cabinets are a great way to keep your supplies, files, and other items in order and easily accessible. Specialized cabinets are available to help you do your best work at home.

Cabinet Wall/Desk Combo
Built-in cabinet walls that contain both upper and lower cabinets plus a desktop are perhaps one of the most popular home office layouts. This set-up allows you to contain everything in one area, rather than taking up an entire room. Cabinets are available in a variety of colors and finishes and can be fitted with sold doors, glass doors, or left as open shelving.

Filing Cabinets
If your line of work deals with a lot of paper files, a dedicated filing cabinet is essential for your home office. Vertical cabinets are available in two- and four-drawer options, while horizontal cabinets typically contain two longer drawers. Custom filing cabinets offer locking systems and anti-tilt features. Rather than purchasing a file cabinet off the shelf, including a file cabinet into an overall office redesign can add style as well as function to your workspace.

A pedestal is a set of drawers or cabinets that is placed under either or both sides of a desk to provide support for the desktop and provide extra storage. They can also simply be placed under an existing desk. Pedestals can contain two large drawers or several smaller drawers, and cabinets can contain shelves or be left empty to store bigger items.

Cabinet bookcases are a great way to add personal flair to your home office, especially when placed as a background for your Zoom calls. The open storage offered by bookcases provides the perfect place to display photos, plants, and other personal items. And of course, they can also be used to house your books!

Vertical Storage Cabinets
Depending on your line of work, vertical storage cabinets may be beneficial for your home office. These cabinets allow you to keep tall and bulky items out of the way so that they don’t clutter up your work area.

Built-in cabinetry can help you meet your work goals, while also make your office look great at the same time. Are you ready to transform your home office into an organized space that helps increase your productivity? Call us today at (843) 273-6116 or schedule an appointment to learn more about home office cabinet options from Myrtle Beach Cabinets.