Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Features of 2019

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When considering the top design elements in a kitchen, people place the highest value on features that add both beautiful form and efficient function. That is why so many homeowners seek out Myrtle Beach Cabinets to help them make the most of their kitchen remodel with enhanced cabinetry and storage solutions. Our team understands how to balance functional innovation and aesthetic value.  We’ve seen many trends come and go over the years, but we expect the following cabinet features to stand the test of time.

In-Drawer and In-Cabinet Lighting

No more digging through large dark drawers or deep cabinets to find the right dish or utensil. One way to shed light on everything in storage is to take advantage of built-in lighting like this example, installed in a kitchen drawer.

Storage Dividers

Another fantastic feature of the drawers pictured above is the set of storage dividers separating the plates, bowls, cups, and mugs. The great thing about these wooden dividers is that they offer totally customizable solutions for a variety of storage needs.  Myrtle Beach Cabinets can help you plan the placement of storage dividers to best serve your needs.

Storage dividers aren’t the only way to get creative with kitchen storage, though.


Other Cool Storage Solutions

Almost every household has a “junk drawer,” but are you finding that too many of the drawers in your kitchen are losing the battle against the junk? Are you finding it difficult to make the most of the counter space you already have? We offer a variety of drawer inserts for spices and cutlery and often recommend that our clients take advantage of a “lazy Susan” to maximize counter space no matter how many kitchen gadgets you want to make room for.

Swing-out Shelves

Time to swing into the future of cabinetry and kitchen storage! Instead of stretching into infinity trying to find the right pan and its matching lid, invest in swing-out shelves. Picking out the perfect pan is as easy as pulling out a shelf like this one in your corner cabinet.


Glass-front and Curio Cabinets

Classy and convenient, glass-front curio cabinets are perfect for showcasing your finest china or favorite coffee mugs. `We love how this kitchen mixes modern light grey cabinets with the glass-curio units.

Open Shelving

While not necessarily practical for all of a kitchen’s wall-storage needs, open shelves add a chic and rustic touch for the brave and organized among us. Our team recommends combining an open shelving scheme with traditional cabinetry in order to make the most of your wall storage real estate.

There are a wealth of creative ways to harness trends in cabinetry to make your kitchen more attractive and functional. Myrtle Beach Cabinets specializes in making homeowners’ cabinets and storage-scheme work for them in the most beautiful way possible! We can help you incorporate all of these features and more into your kitchen’s design. Optimize storage and innovate within your space in 2019! Call today at (843) 839-5633 or contact us via form to schedule your free consultation. In the meantime, check out our photo gallery for more kitchen inspiration!