Spruce Up Your Cabinets for the Holidays


Myrtle Beach Cabinets

The holidays are here and if you’re hosting friends and family in your home, you’ll want to make sure that it’s ready for company. Going further than your regular cleaning routine, take the time to inspect and clean your cabinets this holiday season. Not only will your cabinets look great, but you’ll also make sure they are fully functional for guests in your home.

  1. Examine each cabinet. Functionality is very important when it comes to cabinets and drawers. Make sure each opens smoothly, aligns correctly, and doesn’t have any loose hinges or knobs. With proper working cabinets you’ll know they will be in good condition for your guests.
  2. Clean thoroughly. The next step to spruce up your cabinets is to give them a thorough cleaning. Wipe down cabinets (inside and out) with an all-purpose cleaner or diluted vinegar. Pay special attention to the handles and sides of the cabinets where fingerprints or grease marks are likely to be. For tough stains or grime, mix baking powder and water to create a paste, then scrub on gently with a toothbrush. Dry the cabinets with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Consider if your cabinets work for you. Think about how you use your cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom. Are the items you need easily accessible? If not, rearrange your cabinets so that you have everything you use at your fingertips. Do you have the right type of cabinets for the items you need to store? Perhaps pull-out shelves or a larger pantry would make cooking a lot easier.
  4. Remodel! If you’re ready for a change in your kitchen or bathroom, make plans to remodel. At Myrtle Beach Cabinets, we offer a lead time of only two and a half weeks for many cabinets, so there’s still time to remodel before the holidays! We offer professional design and installation and can be your one-stop-shop to create a new kitchen or bathroom. Feeling crunched for time? Take the first steps in scheduling a remodel so that it won’t get put off in the new year.

Whether you need new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, a bar or butler’s pantry, or cabinets for any other room in the house Myrtle Beach Cabinets is here to help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate so that you can make your cabinet dreams become a reality.