Bedroom Storage Solutions

It’s a rare occasion that you find someone who claims they have plenty of storage space in their bedroom. If you are lacking storage for your clothes, shoes, or other items, a dresser isn’t your only option. Installing cabinetry in a bedroom can greatly increase your storage space and provide a great focal feature for the room as well. What’s the best way to incorporate cabinetry in the bedroom?

Cabinets as a Wardrobe

The most common way to use cabinets in the bedroom is to create a custom-made wardrobe along an empty wall of your room. The cabinets can include sets of drawers for clothes and tall cabinets for items that should be hung. You can opt to leave a counter space for accessories or a TV and can hang a row of cabinets over the counter to store seasonal items.

Cabinets around the Bed

If space is limited, consider installing cabinets that surround the headboard of your bed. Not only does this provide storage, but it also makes a statement. Cabinets without handles offer a sleek, modern look, while open cabinets provide space to display books and other decorative items.

Cabinets as a Wall Divider

In large bedrooms, cabinetry can be used as a wall divider to provide a more intimate setting. The cabinets can be a freestanding unit or built out from an existing wall. In addition to creating two separate living areas, you’ll also gain valuable storage space. For a unique look, consider glass front cabinets that allow you to view decorative pieces and allow light to pass from one area to the other.

Cabinets as a Vanity

Cabinets can also be used in a bedroom to create a vanity space to make getting ready a breeze. You can design your own vanity with drawers to hold hair styling tools, make-up, and skin care products. Vanities can take on their own look with a custom color and stylish hardware.

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