Customize Your Kitchen Island


Myrtle Beach Cabinets

Islands are a very popular kitchen design element, adding extra storage and workspace, as well as an area for friends and family to gather. Permanent islands (as opposed to tables or moveable carts) are made of base cabinets. These offer a variety of options for you to customize your kitchen. Make your island work for you by adding one—or more—of these elements.

Pull-Out Drawers

When it comes to kitchen islands, pull-out drawers are your friend! Rather than storing your dishes and glasses in upper cabinets, utilize deep drawers with wooden peg dividers for easy access. Vertical pull-out drawers can be used to house spices or utensils or to keep your trashcan out of sight.

Wine Rack

Love wine? Incorporate a wine rack into your kitchen island to store your collection. Built-in wine racks are available as a square or diamond lattice pattern with a cubby to hold each bottle of wine or a large X-shape to hold multiple bottles of wine. You can even leave a cabinet open and mount metal wine hooks or racks.

Open Shelving

Use your kitchen island to display your serving dishes, unique bakeware, or cookbook collection. Open shelving provides an airy look for the kitchen and can make the room look brighter. While open shelving can be added to any part of the island, many homeowners choose to add it as an endcap.


In addition to your cabinets, you can also add appliances to your kitchen island. Popular options include microwaves, warming drawers and beverage refrigerators. And when you add outlets to your kitchen island, you can use your other small appliances—like mixers, slow cookers, or blenders—more easily.

Contrasting Colors

In addition to providing extra functionality, your kitchen island can showcase your design style as well. Island cabinets don’t have to be the same color as your main cabinets, so choose a shade that speaks to you. Maybe you want a pop of bold color or prefer to have a muted tone to match your accessories; the choice is all yours!

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