Shine Bright: Cabinet Lighting Options


Myrtle Beach Cabinets

New cabinets bring a fresh, bright look to your space. You can make your cabinets stand out even more by adding lighting to them. By lighting the interior of your cabinets you can showcase stemware, dishes, or other special items. By placing lighting underneath upper cabinets you can illuminate your countertops and help to eliminate shadows. Multiple lighting options are available for cabinets, so choose the light that is best for your space.

Puck Lights

Shaped like hockey pucks (approximately two to three inches in diameter), puck lights are great options for interior cabinet lighting. While some puck lights requiring wiring to a light switch, others are powered by batteries and can be simply stuck in place and turned on and off by a remote. Puck lights are available with xenon, halogen or LED lightbulbs, so you can get the lighting look that you prefer.


Bars Lights

The most common choice in under cabinet lighting, bar lights are long tubes that are installed along the bottom of the cabinet. Bar lights are available in many sizes to fit both large and small spaces; it’s important that you measure carefully to choose the right size. Depending on the lightbulb you choose, bar lights can also be made dimmable or even set to different colors.


Light Strips

Light strips have a very low profile, meaning you won’t see much of the fixture, but you will see the light they produce. Strips come in reels and can be cut to the exact size you need, allowing you to place them from one end of your cabinet to the other. Light strips don’t give off a large amount of light, so they should be used more as a decorative accent than to add functionality to your space. Strip lights are among the most affordable under cabinet lighting options.

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