Cabinet Materials 101


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When it comes time to pick out new cabinets, the first decision people often make is on the color and the style of the cabinets. While the aesthetic of the cabinets is important, the material they are made from will also play a big role in your overall satisfaction. There are several different options available for both the doors/drawers and the cabinet box, so be sure to choose the material that works best with your project and with your budget.

Solid Wood
Cabinets made of solid wood are considered top of the line cabinets that have a rich, beautiful look. They are durable and strong and can last for decades. Maintenance for solid wood cabinets is minimal and they can often be easily repaired. Due to these qualities, solid wood cabinets are more expensive than other types of cabinet materials. On the flip side, solid wood cabinets expand and contract easily, which can be problematic for homeowners.

To achieve the solid wood look without the high price, many homeowners opt for cabinet doors and drawers made with veneers. In these cabinets, a thin piece of real wood is attached to a stronger underlying base material. They are available in a variety of styles and are also easy to maintain. Their price tag is less than cabinets made of solid wood, however, they may not be as durable and can sometimes be difficult to repair.

Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is an engineered, high-grade particle board that is a popular choice for cabinets. MDF is resistant to peeling and cracking and stands up well to humidity and temperature changes. MDF has a smooth look and can easily be painted over if you want a new look for your cabinets. However, it is also susceptible to dents and scratches.

Plywood cabinets are made from several pieces of wood fused together to make one piece. Since plywood works well with bolts and screws, they are durable and solidly made. Plywood cabinets are lightweight and are also very resistant to dents and scratches. However, if plywood is continually exposed to water, it can lose its durability.

Particle Board
Cabinets made of particle board (made from compressed recycled wood chips) have a similar style as plywood but are a less expensive option for homeowners. Particle board cabinets are less likely to warp due to temperature changes, but if particle board cabinets get wet, they will swell.

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