What to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Hardware

When installing new kitchen cabinets, changing a storage scheme, or remodeling a whole kitchen, homeowners tend to focus a great deal on the color and finish of the cabinetry (which is understandable given how many options are out there!). What can end up as more of an afterthought is the hardware, including all knobs, pulls, hooks, hinges and more. But choosing just any hardware is a potential mistake and can result in dulling the aesthetic appeal of your new cabinetry and even damaging it in the long run. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or installing new cabinets any time soon, keep these 4 tips in mind. 

This kitchen artfully combines various hardware tones and finishes for a polished look!


  1. Coordinate like a pro…

Much like cabinetry itself, kitchen hardware has two main aspects—the color (often determined by the type of metal but not always) and the finish (chrome, matte, polished or oil-rubbed)  It’s important to think about how the color and finish of cabinet hardware will look not only with the cabinets and drawers, but also with the colors in the flooring, on the walls and backsplashes, and even with major appliances. If your walls or cabinets are warmer (perhaps a combo of beige and dark mahogany) it might be smart to stay away from cooler-toned silver hardware.


  1. But don’t be afraid to mix and match!

While staying in a similar color and finish family is a good rule to follow generally, there are definitely stylish ways to mix tones and finishes that can make your kitchen really pop! For example, pair a burnt bronze farmhouse sink and faucet with brushed gold knobs and drawer pulls for a warm and rustic touch.


  1. Think about daily wear-and-tear.

If you cook frequently or have a big family who get a lot of use out of the kitchen, the last thing you are going to want to deal with is delicate or smudge-prone hardware. Delicacy and durability are more a function of quality installation than of hardware choice (unless the hardware is especially low-quality). Smudge-prone hardware, on the other hand, is easy to avoid when you know what to look for. Chrome hardware is especially likely to catch fingerprints while brushed or polished finishes are better at hiding smudges.


  1. Test before you order.

One of the biggest regrets many homeowners have after a kitchen or cabinet remodel is not seeing the hardware in person before ordering. This is because knobs, pulls, and other hardware pieces can look very different online or in a catalog than in person, and because it can be hard to gauge how comfortable the hardware is to use without first seeing it in a showroom.

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