Protecting Pets and Small Kids During A Remodeling Project

From colors to hardware, and everything in between, there are many decisions to make when replacing your cabinetry, making home projects hectic. Adding a barking dog or running child leads to a potentially dangerous situation. If you have a pet or little one, another consideration to make in your remodel is protecting them during the process. Here are some tips on maintaining a safe space and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Talk It Out  

Sit down with your family before the installation and explain what’s happening. If you know when big events will occur, like cabinets being delivered or when construction set to begin, make sure everyone knows. Try organizing a game plan: Designate who will watch the kids and corral pets. Finally, create dedicated safe areas ahead of time, so there will be no added confusion when the crew starts working.

Specific Work and Play Areas

We all know that youngsters skillfully get in harm’s way at the worst times and sometimes pets are easily upset with strangers in the house. The best solution to these obstacles is keeping everyone separated. Try sectioning off areas the family can go and installers cannot.

There are a lot of places you’ll tell your kids not to go, so it’s important that you find a place where they are allowed. Create a temporary playroom that is well out of the way and equipped with frequently-used items (like the television) for entertainment. This way, children will play uninterrupted while remaining far from the work-zone hazards.

If you know your furry friend won’t handle the stress, think ahead and make alternate plans. You may need to move their sleeping and eating areas, or find doggy daycare options if you cannot watch them closely.

Deep Clean When Work is Done

With the new cabinets in place, homeowners have one last job. After any home project, despite the contractor’s best efforts,  a film of dust most likely covers most of your inside surfaces. It’s important that every spot is cleaned before you let curious kids or animals back in. Wipe off surfaces and ventilate areas that underwent construction. An added benefit is that your new room will look its best right when it’s finished.

Adventure Out

Even if the work is completed quickly, sometimes the best solution is to leave for the day. There are many options, try planning a fun family outing, or stay somewhere just for a night. You’ll rest assured that kids will remain safe and instead of doing dishes in the tub, no amenities will be sacrificed. Pet boarding options exist in instances that you cannot take your pet with you.

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