Great Changes for Your New Normal

Normal has a new meaning. Working from home, limiting contact, homeschooling and developing new routines are all hard changes. Creating relaxing and productive spaces for the family is more important than ever to navigate these big adjustments. Now, with Myrtle Beach Cabinets’ 2.5 week lead time, you can do it quickly!

As the heart of the home, your kitchen is a great place to start. A clean and organized kitchen is top priority for families who now spend all day, every day, at home. Since you can’t cut back on items during this time, then create space for everything to have a home. Our kitchen designers are pros at identifying unused areas in a kitchen and making the most out of your space! Maybe you have the perfect place for a new pantry, and you just don’t know it yet!

The home office is another place to focus attention. Staying productive is important for your sanity and your career. The perfect home office has plenty of areas to store important documents and supplies. Open shelving combined with cabinetry means maximum functionality. We love turning an open shelf into a built-in desk! Don’t forget, you need easily accessible places to store hardware like your printer, fax machine or office phone. 

Lastly, your mudroom or laundry area. This room is getting a lot of use. As the barrier between the outdoors and in, it’s where disinfecting, washing and sterilizing naturally takes place. Often, mudrooms benefit from the addition of counter space, to deposit dirty clothes or neatly organize the cleaned ones. Cabinets can provide organization and keep cleaning materials and other supplies out of sight.

The best part about functional improvements like these, is that they remain useful when things settle down again. That said, it’s likely you need to make the upgrades as soon as possible. With Myrtle Beach Cabinets there’s minimal turnover. Our average lead time of 2.5 weeks always beats the big box stores, especially now! 

Give Myrtle Beach Cabinets a call to learn more or get a no-contact estimate, today!