Bathroom Remodeling While Keeping the Same Layout

Moving the bathtub, toilet and sink is a big proposition in a bathroom remodel. Not only do these changes add cost, they significantly increase the amount of time required to complete your project. If your floor plan (or your budget) doesn’t allow for a new floor plan, don’t worry! Drastic improvement to the functionality and beauty of your master, guest or family bath are still possible. 

Here are a few transformative ideas that make a big improvement while keeping your current plumbing layout: 

Free the Bathtub From the Walls
That bathtub on a wall may seem like a space saver, but it’s an out-of-date tradition that can ruin the flow of an already small space. Replace that clunky built-in fixture with a sleek, free-standing tub. It will free up floor space, create a modern visual improvement and often allow you to keep the plumbing right where it is.

Update the Vanity
Don’t just install a new vanity, make it a focal point. Instead of a passive piece of furniture, use the vanity to add major design and function. His-and-hers matching sinks are a popular feature that adds a touch of luxury while making the busy mornings a lot easier. If that type of upgrade seems out of reach, Myrtle Beach Cabinets’ budget-friendly pricing means you can do it without breaking the bank!


Add Space for Storage
Just getting items off the floor and out of view makes a big difference. Create a modern, minimalist bathroom by adding storage space for everything that calls your bathroom home. Unfortunately, bathrooms typically hold a lot of stuff. This means you need a place for towels, robes, personal hygiene items and even home cleaners! Limited space in most bathrooms makes adding more cabinets unrealistic. That’s when a small closet outside of the bathroom or mirror storage space above the vanity comes in handy.


Myrtle Beach Cabinets does more than delivering and installing cabinets! With our designers’ expertise and cost-effective prices, our remodeling services are the key to creating the home you dream of.