Why Kitchen and Bath Designers are Essential 

Our kitchen and bath designers know how to create beauty, comfort and functionality, but that’s not all. They understand the critical components of remodeling like customization, budgeting and coordinating contractors – all while keeping clients’ wishes and constraints top of mind.

But, does that mean they are essential? As pandemic containment measures prioritize certain goods and services that are deemed essential, this question is asked of all professions.

In fact, residential construction and remodeling services, including our kitchen and bath designers have been deemed essential and for many reasons.

Making Your Project Possible

They are very few people with the specialized knowledge to correctly complete a remodel, and facilitating the project is not easy. Scheduling contractors, making floor plan assessments and staying within budget are already difficult tasks, without a pandemic and social distancing measures.

Our designers not only improve the experience of a remodel but in many cases, are the ones making it possible.

Expert Decisions

There are countless decisions made during a remodeling project.

What’s the best countertop surface for a rental property? 
How do you maximize floor plan, while appropriately fitting all necessities? 
Traditional cabinets or modern? 
What is the best way to add more storage? 

Without an expert on your side, this endless barrage of questions leads to badly-informed selections, decision fatigue and possibly giving up on the project altogether.

In many cases, some questions can only be answered with the help of a professional. That knowledge is what makes a new space safe, inhabitable and functional.

Stay on Schedule 

Most DIY remodels extend far beyond their original finish date. Now that it’s dangerous to have people freely filtering in and out of your home, it’s more important than ever to stay on schedule. Not only is Myrtle Beach Cabinets’ lead time for cabinetry just 2.5 weeks, but our designers help ensure timely completion of your project.

At its most essential, remodeling services create a safe and inhabitable space for people to live. At Myrtle Beach Cabinets, our designers do that and much more! We help create beautiful and functional homes, while staying on-time and on-budget.

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