Kitchen & Bath Industry Show Round-Up

In its first in-person expo since 2020, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show came back stronger than ever, spotlighting the latest trends in kitchen and bath designs, materials, and technologies. Held in early February 2022, the show gave a glimpse of what’s to come in the ever-changing world of kitchen and bath design. Take a look at these top trends that are making their way into home renovations across the country.

  1. Storage galore. During the pandemic, people everywhere began to amass large amounts food, cleaning supplies, and—who can forget—toilet paper. While the days of stockpiling food may be over, bulk-shopping habits remain, and kitchen renovation trends reflect that. Kitchen remodels call for larger storage areas, cabinets, and pantries. The addition of storage options throughout the house—in the bathroom, laundry room and basement—will also become more common in 2022.
  2. Hands-free technologies. Already common throughout the home, hands-free technologies will be more fully integrated into kitchens and bathrooms. Hands-free sinks help to prevent the spread of germs as well as promote water conservation. Smart refrigerators allow you to view the contents without having to open the door. And smart cabinets can be opened and closed with a simple wave of a hand or foot.
  3. New spaces. Homes these days are multi-functional, and interior design reflects just that. Now that they are becoming more permanent, home offices are getting spruced up with built in coffee bars and work areas. Garages and attics are getting retrofitted as hangout spaces (with accompanying bathrooms, of course). And custom basement bars are the perfect addition for those who prefer to entertain at home.
  4. Eco-conscious materials. Natural, recycled, and environmentally friendly building materials are frequently being used in home renovations. In terms of cabinets, those that carry the Forest Stewardship Council seal are made from wood from certified managed forests. For a sustainable option, consider cabinets made of bamboo.
  5. Contemporary and transitional design. Modern furnishings continue to take the interior design world by storm. Sleek cabinets with low profile hardware fit the bill for contemporary and transitional style kitchens and bathrooms. To complete the look, contrast your cabinet color with your countertop, backsplash, and flooring colors.

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