Pros and Cons of Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass face kitchen cabinet doorsWhen it comes to installing cabinetry, the options for customization are endless—material, color, style, hardware, and more. One increasingly popular way to personalize your new cabinets is to opt for doors with glass panes instead of solid fronts. Glass front cabinet door may not be for everyone, however. Consider the pros and cons of glass cabinet doors to see if they are right for you.



  • Make your space seem larger. Cabinets with glass fronts create an illusion that your space it bigger than it really is. In small kitchens, glass cabinets can be a game-changer, opening up the room, at least as far as the eye can see.
  • Provide visual interest. Glass panels make it possible for you to display special pieces in your kitchen while still protecting them behind cabinet doors. Puck lights, recessed lights, or rope lighting can be used in the cabinets to highlight your items.
  • Many options available. There is a glass paneled cabinet door to meet just about everyone’s taste. You can choose clear, textured, or frosted glass, depending on how much you want to show off your glasses and dishes. Leaded glass doors, which create a design similar to a stained-glass window but with clear panes, offer a decorative look. Glass cabinet doors can also be styled with panels similar to regular windows.
  • Help you find items more easily. With a clear view into your cabinets, you’ll know exactly where your pieces are without having to open a door. This is especially useful when guests are offering a helping hand in the kitchen!


  • Make clutter visible. Glass front cabinets may not be the best choice for the messy at heart. If you have mismatched dishes or a general dislike for organization, hiding your kitchenware behind solid cabinets doors may be the best choice for you.
  • Require more regular cleaning. Dust and fingerprints readily accumulate on glass door cabinets, especially those that are used frequently. Be prepared to clean them more often that your other cabinets to maintain a fresh look. There is good news, however, cleaning glass cabinet doors is relatively easy: just spray with a glass cleaner and wipe away!
  • Potential for breaking. While glass cabinet doors are built of strong glass, the possibility for breakage always remains. It’s recommended to install glass doors on upper cabinets only and in areas that don’t see a heavy workload.

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