What is Your Remodel Style?

When homeowners first start thinking about a kitchen project, it typically means endless hours of collecting inspiration. What they are left with is countless photos, articles and plans to find what they like. However, collecting too many ideas can cause more confusion. 

For any kitchen project, whether it’s DIY or contracted out, the toughest part is defining what your dream remodel looks like. Here are a few steps to take during the information gathering process that will make it easier to narrow down your style – 

Look for a pro. It’s a good idea to have a professional involved in the design. That way, you know what options and new materials are available, and you get an expert’s opinion about what works in your home, before you start looking at ideas. This step prevents you from falling in love with a look that you later realize isn’t feasible or falls outside of your budget. 

Collect images. With so many sites dedicated to remodeling, the internet makes it easy to find inspiration. Start a Pinterest page and bookmark any kitchen features that appeal to you. If you already know the professionals you’re using, look at their past projects. The Myrtle Beach Cabinets Gallery has numerous images of the exact styles that our clients have found work for them. Collecting ideas includes anything that sparks your interest, from appliances to hardware. There are a lot of details that go into a remodel, and no feature is too small to consider. 

Don’t edit, yet. Don’t make yourself nuts by editing as you collect. Save images with reckless abandon first and narrow it down later. Making yourself choose favorites while you gather inspiration stifles creativity. 

Organize It. It’s ok to be messy with your photos but start organizing once you accumulate a solid collection. When categories like “Finishes” or “Colors” start to emerge, patterns will reveal themselves. Maybe you’ve collected nothing but images of kitchens with dark wood cabinetry or marble countertops. 

Edit Your Selections. Go back through your categories and see what you respond the most to. If you can’t remember why you saved an image, and it doesn’t speak to you any longer, ditch it. You’ll be left with a collection that reflects exactly what you want.

Contractors Myrtle Beach Cabinets make the entire remodel process easier. You can use our gallery or visit our showroom to find the cabinets that work best with the look you want. Using tools like our 3D modeling software, we bring it all to life, letting you see exactly what it looks like before installation. To learn about the makes and models we carry and how we can help you in the design process, contact us today.