Finding Your Remodeling Contractor

Extended deadlines, stretched budgets and other unexpected issues quickly spoil the thrill of any kitchen renovation project. As you plan your upcoming remodel, you’re probably hoping to avoid these problems. Well, it’s all about the contractor!

These setbacks typically occur when a homeowner pairs with an inexperienced, unorganized or uncommunicative remodeling contractor. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep the excitement in your remodel by working with a great team! With some research, extra vetting and planning ahead, finding the perfect remodeling contractor for you is easy!

Plan Ahead

It’s not necessary to plan your entire kitchen or bath remodel ahead of time, your contractor should be there to help, but we do suggest establishing a few starting points. Define your vision, budget and priorities before seeking a contractor. Coming to the table with these guidelines allows the discriminant vetting of contractors to find a team with the skillset and priorities that align with your needs.  

For example, you’ve found a contractor with an online gallery filled with pictures that look exactly like your dream kitchen! Unfortunately, after they start work on your home, you realize their completion time is much longer than what you need. Avoid issues like this by identifying your important priorities beforehand and making them clear when interviewing a potential contractor. 

Social Media 

Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends are enough for some, but tread carefully. Just because a friend had a good experience doesn’t mean you will, too. Our favorite way to get to know a contractor is looking for an active social media presence. It exposes you to recent examples of their work and gives you insight into their company culture. 


Take a look at the company’s online reviews. Find unbiased opinions on platforms where they can’t control who leaves comments, like Google Business. Take any singular review with a grain of salt – instead looking at the overall star rating. Finding a company that responds to reviews, even the negative ones, demonstrates that they’re invested in their customers, their brand and ultimately – their good name. 

Our best advice? Steer clear of unknown and fly-by-the-night contractors. Hire a company known for staying on-time and in-budget – Myrtle Beach Cabinets! Contact us today to learn how we can help transform your home.