When to Start Your Remodel

We’re almost there; the end of 2020. That means, planning for 2021 is already underway. People everywhere are booking their vacation rentals, planning big events and deciding what exactly to do with the coming year. The same should go for anyone planning a remodeling project. 

Renovations slated for next year have already begun. If you want the best remodeling experience possible, and to end up with the well-designed kitchen you hope for, now is the best time to start. Especially, if you hope to have it ready by the next rental season

Here are our suggestions for the best ways to use the final weeks of the year to properly jump-start your 2021 remodel.

Streamline Your Inspiration:  From Pinterest to online gallery inspiration, homeowners eyeing a kitchen makeover are always collecting inspiration. If you’re one of them, start streamlining your tastes and define your style. Go back through your saved images and collection of favorite magazine photos and decide what you respond the most to. Ruthless editing will clarify your desires. If you can’t remember why you saved a photo, get rid of it. You’ll be left with a collection that reflects exactly what you want.

Start Visiting Showrooms:  Some homeowners tend to overlook a crucial step in planning for a remodel: visiting a design center. Showrooms exist not just to display products, but also to share knowledge and expertise on renovation matters. Take advantage of free time during the holidays to get the experts’ opinions of your design vision. You will leave with a much clearer sense of how your remodeling project can be brought to life. Don’t be shy about taking cell phone photos of things that inspire you, too.

Find Your Pro:  It’s a good idea to have a professional involved in the process as early as possible, especially before the busy spring season. At Myrtle Beach Cabinets, we even have design professionals that can take the difficult decisions out of your hands from the get-go.  By starting early, your pro has ample time to assess your design and suggest any changes that will help the schedule, budget or refine your dream with an expert’s knack for subtle improvements. 

Are you ready to start the beginning phases of your remodel? Myrtle Beach Cabinets can help. Contact us at (843) 273-6413 to start the conversation by sharing your vision and goals. By starting now, every step of the process will be well-planned and designed, bringing you exactly what you dream of.